What We Do
Through the Ministry of the Word, it is Christ who speaks to his people through the Lector.  This person will be involved with the first two liturgy readings at Mass. The Lector is someone who feels comfortable in front of large audiences.  It is essential to be able to articulate and speak in such a way that the readings can be understood and that the proclamation is done in a manner that brings out the meaning of the text.

Typical tasks carried out by ministry volunteers include:

  • Prepare for the day’s assigned passages by reading them aloud at home from Lectors’ Workbook.
  • Arrive approximately 10 minutes before Mass and check that the lectionary book and the binder with intentions/intercessions are on the lecturn.  (Also, ensure that altar candles are lit.)
  • Proceed into Mass with priest, carrying the Book of Gospels, which is placed on the altar table.
  • Proclaim the First and Second Readings, sitting after each is read.
  • After the Creed, read the intercessions/prayers of the faithful.
  • Recess at end of Mass with priest, leaving the Book of Gospels and Lectionary at the lecturn.
  • After the final hymn, return the Book of Gospels to the sacristy.

Time Commitment
Volunteers participate in Sunday Mass on a regular schedule and must be willing to commit to being placed on the schedule for the mass time of his/her choice.  Depending on the number of volunteers, the frequency is once every month or two.  If the person can not make their scheduled time, he/she will find a replacement for that day.

Volunteers must participate in two training sessions; one theological and practical.  Once the training preparation has been fulfilled, the individual will become a Lector.

How to Get Involved
If you are interested in becoming a Lector, please contact the Parish Office at (773) 528-6650.